Sunday, May 5, 2013

Random Random Read All About It

Someday I am going to get caught up reading all my missed blog posts.  But for now I have three random fun facts-

1.)  I am really excited about the new instagram parties!  

I now have an instagram button to match my other ones because Barb is an amazing friend and blog designer.  First go to her teaching blog.  It is adorable....the tree is my favorite!  Then go check out her design'll find a bunch of tutorials, blinky freebies, and clipart.

2.)  And I forgot to announce the winner of the my giveaway--Deniece of This Little Piggy Reads, check your e-mail.

3.)  It is teacher appreciation week and I really want to thank all you teacher-bloggers who make time to share your classroom and your teaching with me!  Thanks for commenting on the happenings of my little piece of Oregon.  I love the cohort of teachers all across the world!  I hope everyone of you feels appreciated this week!

And a video from one of my favorite teachers--

Happy Sunday,

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