Thursday, May 9, 2013


You know that game where you have to use an adjective that starts with the first letter of your name to introduce yourself.  Usually I use laughing...but this week last minute would be much better.  I always have plans in my head for what I want to do, but when executed don't always create the results I wanted.  So...we were going to draw a picture of the best part of our moms.  Then paint it.  Then write a poem.  This all sounded great, but I was not loving the product. 
Thank goodness for all the ideas you all share.  Did you see the CUTE project over at Soaring Through Second?  Sandy rescued my Mother's Day!  You MUST go check it out and give her brilliance credit!
Here is what she did-
I didn't have an i-pad app for typing and my awesome roommate came in to take the pictures, so I needed the mom part to be done before she got to school.  I grabbed some black paper and a bucket of sidewalk chalk and had students write.

I love them!  (The "strike a pose" one cracks me up!)

Happy Thursday, can still join the "Fiction Teacher Appreciation" Linky Party


  1. Sometimes it's the last minute projects that turn out the best!! Too cute:) Don't you just love blogging for moments like this?


  2. We had a project that looked very cute that came out pretty badly too! Those photos are adorable-something those moms can save forever! :)