Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Musical Chairs, Art, and Literature

We have been finishing up our unit on fairy tales.  Towards the end we read The Magic Flute, a fairy tale in opera form.   I play the flute and got to see this opera once, so it was fun to tie it in to fairy tales.
One of my favorite activities combines musical chairs and art.  Students wandered from desk to desk, listening to music from, The Magic Flute.  When the music stopped we listened again and drew the music.
After a few rounds of musical chairs we returned to the picture at our seat and traced the lines with a white crayon.  Magic occurs when you use water color over the whole paper...kids reactions to crayon resists cracks me up.
Finally, we thought about the story and tried to think of one image that could be a symbol for the Opera.   We drew the symbol onto black paper and added it to our backgrounds.
I am not digging the look of the final product for this project, but I do love the thought that students put into and how much we all loved the Opera story!

And I also thought I would share an art project from my friend's class down the hall.  Lots of different media and I don't know all the steps...but they turned out really fun.
Notice room for air conditioner....
Oh, man. I am in the dungeon.

Help!  We don't like the food!

Happy Tuesday,