Sunday, December 23, 2012

12 in 12

Kristin and Hadar are having their annual 12 in 12 party.  Make sure you get in on the party!
12.  Favorite Movie:
It was difficult to choose....but because I love my dad and watching baseball with him, Trouble With the Curve wins.  (However, I am SO looking forward to Les Miserables and may have to edit this post later.)  Pitch Perfect was a close second (so much funnier than I expected).
11.  Favorite New and Old TV Series:
While I realize this is not a new is new to me and I am hooked. Knock knock knock-Penny. Knock knock knock-Penny. Knock knock knock-Penny!!
New show...that is quite clever...and a good substitute while I wait for new episodes of BBC's Sherlock and Downton Abbey

10.  Favorite Restaurant:
Still Spaghetti Factory....I am a creature of habit:-)  Pretty sure this my favorite restaurant last year also.
9.  Favorite Book:
The One and Only Ivan is an amazing story.  Go read it!  Our local zoo, just had a baby elephant born and my kiddos made some great connections between the event and the story.

8.  Favorite Gift:
A tie between student made me a fleece blanket, with volleyballs all over it and the LA toaster/waffle class knows me so well!
7.  Favorite Thing Pinned:
This was REALLY difficult...but I narrowed it down to two!
  The Laptop Privacy Sweater...cracks me up EVERY time I see it!
   Quite a clever thought-
6.  Favorite Blog Post:
How Many my favorite blog post.  When I originally found the world of blogging, I just stalked and got lots of great ideas.  Then I thought about how maybe things going on in my class might help inspire someone else.  This post is exactly what I love about blogging...the sharing and then adapting of ideas from one teacher to another.   I blogged about an art project we did and then my friend Jenny at Owl Things First adapted it for her class!
5.  Favorite Accomplishment:
I made a roast...all by took 13 hours in the crock pot (I may need a new crock pot).  But I did it and it was delicious.

4.  Favorite Picture:
3.  Favorite Memory:
Every year, I coach a spring volleyball team.  Usually 4th and 5th grade.  This year, I also coached a 6th-8th grade team.  At a practice, one girl started laughing, hysterically and within minutes the whole team was on the floor laughing....still no one knows what they were all laughing at.
2.  Goal for 2013:
Continually look for the good, when things seem difficult.  I can complain about giant class size or be glad for the special personalities that I get to hang out with everyday! I truly do LOVE what I do.
1.  One Little Word:
Happy Sunday,


  1. I too love your favorite pic. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. I think I would pick that picture, too! I have to see both of those movies still. I'm not very good at sitting still for two hours! If I lived closer to a Spaghetti Factory, that would be my favorite, too! I always took visitors there when I lived in St. Louis.
    Merry Christmas, BBF!