Sunday, November 4, 2012

Currently November

Oh' Boy November, ready go!
Listening:  Many Portlanders complain about the never ending rain, but I love it...the sound...the smell...liquid sunshine!
Loving:  The Syfy channel has gathered the cast of Fireflyfor a 10th Anniversary...sneak peek
Thinking:  For about a year, I have been feeling bothered by the clip chart system.  I had a light bulb moment about how I never wanted to be a teacher who wrote names and checks on the chalkboard and on some levels the clip chart does the same thing in a different way.  So the past two weeks, I have been working on only moving student clips up.  Six students still need some behavior support and I am still working through what I want that to look like.  But I have not been moving clips down.  Any thoughts or comments you all have are super appreciated.
Wanting:  What is this Minecraft business?  It is the main subject of conversations and student writing!
Needing:  Last Tuesday, I got a new student.  The Friday before that a student moved and Monday another student is I need to update the classroom and add/delete their names from the room.  Do you have ways to make getting ready for new students easier?  I keep everything I need in a big zip-loc bag.
Music:  This one is my favorite part.  I love music!  I play the flute and my kids know that, so we often listen to James Galway.  I have another student who plays cello and a few who play piano, so I like to incorporate those instruments as well.  My favorite cd to listen to during reading, writing, and art is Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone....beautiful stuff! 
Your turn.  Check out everyone else's November and start a classroom playlist of ideas!  And don't forget the rule of three!

Happy Sunday,


  1. Awesome to meet a fellow Browncoat! Thanks for the heads up about the Firefly reunion - I didn't know! Exciting!


  2. Oh my! I have been so far behind on blog stalking that I missed your new design. TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! =) I also use the big bags to prepare for new students.

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

    1. Thanks. I like it a lot:-) Glad you are back.

  3. Oh! We must be kindred spirits. BROWNCOATS! That is still my most favorite what ... 10 seconds of Castle? When he's back in Malcom gear? *must go find my DVDs*
    PS I used to live in WA state so I know what you mean. The gray is actually kind of nice. I love the sound of rain on the window.
    PSPS I do not remember where I first learned about Joshua Radin. But whereever it was I'm glad. :]

  4. My own children tell me that Minecraft is like trying to survive in a Lego world. It is something all three of them agree on as being pretty awesome! I like clip charts for the first couple of months, but I feel like it loses its effectiveness over time!