Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Week

Clutter Free Classroom is having a what did you do this week linky party.  Here are a few of this week's highlights:

1)  A new student joined our class.  For no reason I know of, I love getting new students.  (Especially when they even out my class numbers.)  The tip someone gave me, that has been so helpful with new students.  Put everything you need for new students all in one place.  Then when you are getting ready for them, everything is in one place.
This is my bag of everything I need for a new student.
 Then I just pull out one of each thing and it is ready for the new chickadee.
2)  We have been working on strategies for addition.  First we looked at some great posters made by Mrs. Lemons here is an image of one of them.  Then we worked in groups to make our own posters.  (Pictures coming soon.  Camera got left behind on Friday.)
Here are the student versions: 
Draw a Picture
 Use a Fact Family
 Use Your Doubles
 Use Your Doubles
 Put the Big Number in Your Head and Count Up
 Flip Flop

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  1. Just stopping by to peek into your planbook. Love this idea! This was our first week back after a two week break, and Monday morning I got TWO new students! Come by and peek into my planbook.

    Happy Weekend!
    Rebecca at
    The Teacher's Chatterbox