Friday, May 11, 2012

Thanks Bunches and Bunches!

I hope you all had a wonderful Teacher Appreciation Week.  Blogging has been so wonderful to share what we do and learn from what all of you my chickadees want to say, " I love being able to "visit" your classrooms and hopefully you learn from "visiting" mine.
Thank You Blog Land...for all your fabulous ideas.

At the end of the year, I make a card for the parents, who come in a regular, weekly basis.  Their kiddos hold the letters for the word Thank You and then I put the picture on the front of a card.  The rest of the class signs the inside.  I also give them some kind of gift...but haven't wrapped my head around what that will be yet.
This pic will need a redo...the K is unreadable:-) You get the idea.
Happy Friday,


  1. What a cute idea! Thank you for sharing your classroom with us!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  2. I do something similar...I give them each an 8.5 x 10 that says Thank You and it's super cute cause it's a TON of them! I think I am giving my some cutie cups this year!!!

  3. What a great way to say thank you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following yours, too :)