Friday, May 18, 2012

Surprise Poetry

Wednesday and Thursday of this week, I was out of the classroom working with the Right Brain Initiative.  For the short time between Reading Round Up and PE, I had the guest teacher finish reading the amazing book, Birds of a Feather.  
Then left instructions for students to write or sketch about their favorite page from the book.  If they finished and wanted to try writing their own poem. they could.  We have read poetry and written a bit of scripted/patterned/rule following poetry but free form is not something we have a lot of experience with.  Surprises waited for me, with what they came up with.    So I must share them with all of you!

"Oh frigate your chest is so big you entertain the girls.
And why is your chest so red? 
Puff it up again so I can see if a mate."
This chickadee is a bit obsessed with his study of the frigate!
 "Why are you so colorful?
When I see you, you look like
someone got a bucket and painted you."
 "Why are you so fat?
You have a lot of read and
a mohawk."
 "Your beak so sharp
Your wings so straight
Your eyes so great
Your tail so red."
 "Hey Lorikeet did you
get your feathers died
rainbow colors?"
 "Stomp Stomp
the secretary bird
stomp stomp
watch out."
"When I see you, I say
chicka a dee dee dee
You say chick a dee dee dee dee

"Ninja bird ninja bird
how can you defeat a hawk? 
Ninja bird you are like a shadow."
sorry for the blurry
Where do they come up with this stuff!?
Happy Friday,


  1. Adorable! I always love seeing student work :)


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  2. I love your blog and that is why I'm passing on the One Lovely Blog Award to you!!


    Jessica Stanford
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  3. I'm so glad I blog with you! Those birds are gorgeous...Did you know I also like birds?! ;)

    Owl Things First

    1. I kind of figured:-) Love that you are my blogging friend too!