Thursday, May 10, 2012

Predator Prey Day

Birds have ways to avoid predators.  They are camouflaged, make obnoxious noise, hide, they can fly.  Today we needed a game (and an excuse to be outside) to help us remember how birds avoid being captured.  
One student became the "predator" and called out an escape action....Sleep, hide in bushes, lay in grass, fly or run away.  The birds then had to do whatever escape action was called out.  The last person to "escape" (as chosen by the predator) went to the caught bird wall.
Escape Plan:  Hide Under in Bush
Caught Bird Wall
My favorite part of the day...the mass congregating at the windows.  One kid, "sees" a bird and my chickadees all flock to the window to find more and whose bird creation is being used:-)
Happy Thursday,


  1. Love this! Especially them acting it out!!

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  2. Cute game to go along with what they have been learning!
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