Thursday, December 15, 2011

Festival of Light Success!

Today was finale to all our hard work over the past month.  The whole night was magical!  We started out in our classroom.  We read parts of our Festival of Light Book. 
We wrote 2 stories.  One was a true story about winter or Christmas.  The other was a fiction story.
"If I Had a Bright Shiny Nose"
True winter story
We added poetry to our writing collections.  A Hakiu, a concrete poem, and 5 Line Poem.
Illustration for the 5 Line poem.
We used fancy scissors to put borders around our Haikus and their illustrations.
 After everyone finished reading, we went to the cafeteria to see the lanterns.  

It was a great night!  Two former students played a harp and the piano for background music.  22 our ot 27 students and their families were able to attend.  Everyone got all their work completed.  Way to go Chickadees!  Onto tomorrow's Christmas party!

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  1. The lanterns look great! I am so happy that you had a successful night!! :)