Monday, August 12, 2013

10 Things About Me

Hey, it's Teacher Blogger Week 2013.  I have been having lots of fun reading random facts about my friends.
Here are 10 Random...(and possibly redundant if you visit here regularly) things about me.

1.   I love reading and I love the library.  Very rarely do I have less than 80 books checked out at a time!  During the summer I try to read a book a day and usually make my goal!
2.  When I was 6 I developed juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  I woke up couldn't straighten my leg.  In all my 1st and 2nd grade class photos, one knee is swollen to twice the size of the other.  I had to go to the school nurse everyday and take a whole bunch of aspirin.  (Nasty stuff they tried to mask by flavoring it orange.)  Within two years, the arthritis was completely gone!  I was so a lucky one!
3.  Top Ramen is one of my favorite foods as well as Macaroni and Cheese (Kraft only) and grilled cheese sandwiches.  So, I could easily eat happily with any of my students.
4.  I play the flute.  Sometimes as a class reward, but mostly at home for fun.  In high school, I was part of the marching band and Portland's Metropolitan Youth Symphony.
5.  While driving I am either listening to a book on tape or singing along with a musical.  I am sure I look absolutely ridiculous, but at least no none else can hear! 
6.  The Dodgers are my favorite baseball team...although I have no idea why.  My dad has always loved baseball, so I decided I should have a favorite team.  So I had to have one also.  Here are some theories for my choice-
1.  Brett Butler-former center fielder.  His name is alliterative and I have always had a fascination with alliteration.
2.  Daryl Strawberry-former right fielder.  Umm his last name is strawberry.
3.  In 1988, the Dodgers won the World Series.  (I am hoping for that this year, but not willing to let myself believe it could actually happen.)
The entire downstairs bathroom is dedicated to Dodger paraphernalia.
7.  Reese (named for another former Dodger) is my new favorite addition.  I know nothing about puppies, but we are having fun learning and she really is so mellow and cuddly! 
8.  I am a native Oregonian and I love everything about it (except the lack of a professional baseball team) I even love the months of rain...and find people who complain about the weather frustrating!  It is beautiful here and within about an hour you can be at the beach, the mountain, or the desert.
9.  My school is five minutes away from my house.  Many of my neighbors are my students and I see someone almost every time I go to the grocery store.  If I didn't haul so much stuff to and from school, I would most definitely walk or bike.
10.  I really want to join the roller derby!  I think it would be a great way to deal with frustrating people/events/etc and maybe get me out of my shy shell!  There is a roller derby team in Portland and they are so fun to watch.  Growing up, almost every single birthday party was at Skate World, so the skating part shouldn't be a problem:-)
Happy Monday!


  1. You've been to The Grilled Cheese Grill, right? So delicious!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Laurie,

    I connect with #9 through and through. I actually think it would be faster for me to bike, but there is no way I could haul my bags back and forth.