Friday, July 19, 2013

Filing Cabinet Treasures

I spent some quality time with my filing cabinets today....there is some stuff in there from 11 years ago.  A lot of things I have upgraded and have saved to a hard drive, so no need to keep them in my filing cabinet.  I did come across some things that I didn't really need to keep, but wanted to remember and maybe they will help you too.

An anchor chart for buddies-
 How to walk in line...and why-
Thinking and Reading
One year, while reading professional books, I would find inspiring quotes and share them with class.  We would discuss our thoughts about them and how they applied to our class.  I need to return to this.  Kinda reminds me of Tammy's Saturday Sayings.

A chart for text to text connections-
Get ready to read-
 Reader's Rights-
What readers do when they get stuck-
A chart for behavior during reader's workshop-
Tip for book choice-
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Reese has been such a great summer companion....what is she going to do when I return to school!!!?


  1. Take her to school with you! She is so sweet!

    1. PS...I've been doing the same...Cleaning up cabinets and looking through old stuff. I'm going back to a job I had 22 years ago and in my "new" room I'm finding games and posters I had brought to the job those many years ago! It is a trip down memory lane. Much of it is a trip to the dumpster, too. I like the idea of taking pictures of it before saying goodbye!

  2. Thanks for the mention up there. :) Have you read Comprehension Connections? In each chapter, the author suggests quotes about reading that teachers can discuss with their kids. It sounds very similar to what you mentioned here.
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First