Sunday, April 28, 2013

Everyone Else Is Doing It

In case you haven't heard...instagram is exploding with teachers.  I already had an instagram...and used it randomly. it is attached to the bloggy world and I am going to need Barb to add an instagram icon to match my pinterest and e-mail ones.
So link up on Tuesday...and if you want to follow me on the picture below.
Thought I would share my current favorite instagram image--I am getting a puppy!  Right after school gets out (perfect timing)  Her name is Reese...if you have seen 42 or have any knowledge of Dodger/baseball history, you will fully understand where her name came from.  Precious!
This week begins screen free I will not be living in the land of electronic screens.  How many books will I get through not watching so much tv?  I may cheat a tiny tiny bit...not sure if I have the self-control to wait a whole week for a new New Girl episode!
Don't forget to link up with What the Teacher Wants and do a bit less screen time.
See you all in a week!
Happy Sunday,


  1. Your puppy looks SOOOO cute! I bet you can't wait for summer!


  2. Laurie, I love your puppy!!
    I'd be happy to make you a matching Instagram button :)))

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. My daughter loves instagram...I haven't taken the plunge...yet! That puppy is adorable. As soon as my son leaves for college, I'm getting a kitten to replace him! He's allergic to cats!!
    Owl Things First