Sunday, February 17, 2013

School. Sport, Smile

A linky party is going on over at Primary Possibilities
Share a something about your school, something about a sport, and something that makes you smile.

School:  I have been at my school for 10 years...and it is the only school I have taught at.  My school has artist residencies once a year.  Artists come in to our rooms and teach art alongside curriculum.  Loved almost every experience we have had with our artists in residence.

Sport:  LOVE the Dodgers...but can't play baseball. 

Volleyball is the sport I can play.  Coaching 4th and 5th grade former students is one of my favorite parts of the year.

Smile:  Teaching makes me smile.  It is increasingly difficult and challenging.  My kids make me smile and I love each new group. But when they read, my heart smiles.  I love that they sit/lay/recline wherever they can be comfortable.
Put books in your kids hands!  Give them a library full of choice!
Now go check out other people's 3 S's.
Happy Sunday,


  1. You are so lucky to have the artist in residence program. Your students must love it. What a great experience!

    Sommer Pride

  2. We have an artist in residence program too!! It is such a great experience for the students.
    I am a Chicago Cubs fan. :)
    I agree, take a go book library is a fabulous idea. I use to do that when I taught first grade. :)
    Thank you for linking up. I enjoyed learning more about you!!

  3. I love your quote about your "kids". I feel the same way. They become my kiddos quickly and are still that way years later. My first group of kiddos I taught at my current school are now in 5th grade and still come by and stop to talk and give me hugs. They are always special to me. :)
    KinderKids Fun