Thursday, February 28, 2013

More Fraction Fun

Yesterday, in small group time, we pulled out the dominoes  and had to put them in order from least to greatest with like denominators.  The best arguments occurred about whether 8/8 was the biggest and should be at the end or 12/8. 
After deciding on the best order for least to greatest...I had a great idea to practice greater than/less than.  So I ripped up some scratch paper and put the three signs on them.  Each person in the group had to make an expression using the paper and two dominoes.....they could ALL do it!  I say again, how much I love teaching with toys!
Note:  The pictures are taken from my point of it looks like the numerator is 8, but for the students 8 was the denominator.

On Monday, I rewarded my math class with popcorn.  They were so excited....and then I turned it into fractions....
First they had to count all their pieces for their denominator.  Then we divided the pieces into halve, and fourths, and sixths.
After we finished we threw our paper towels into the garbage can.  Only we threw one at a time and kept track of the score....the part whole score that is.  Every time someone made it, we write the fraction of baskets and every time someone missed we wrote a fraction for that as well.  Who know basketball could be so fun:-(
Happy Thursday,

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  1. Hey, that beats book work any day of the week! This is how learning stays with them. ;)
    The Learning Metamorphosis