Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fraction Fun...with Games

Still working with the world of fractions.  Today I realized there are a LOT of things to be said for using toys as a teaching tool.  I do it often:-) Here were today's fraction stations:
"Smores"  We play "Go Fish" with fractions.  Only instead of saying, "go fish", we say "get s'more."  It is a great game from Fireside Fractions, a unit I won from Tonya's Treats for Teachers.  The s'mores game has a gameboard but we were changing it up a bit.  Some students played it like Memory. Amazing unit for teaching fractions!
Get S'more Game-
 S'more Memory-
We played a game with pattern blocks also.  You know the dot game, where you connect two dots at a time and whoever finishes the box, gets to put their initial inside it.  Well we did that with Hexagon cookies.  Partners took turns rolling a dice with fractions on it.  The die had thirds, halves, and sixths.  Then students had to find the pattern block that matched.  So 1/6 is one triangle because it takes six triangles to fill the hexagon.  Whoever put in the final piece filling the hexagon got to put their name in the hexagon.

Then we played with Dominoes.  I gave everyone a domino.  They had to tell what fraction the domino showed and then put themselves in order from least to greatest.  The catch....they had to move themselves into order without talking:-)
Checking each others' dominoes. was mostly a success...those darn different denominators throw us off a bit:-)

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