Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 for 10 Non-fiction

Just in time for an "all about" book writing unit is an organized collection of non-fiction favorites.  Here are ten good ones...although there are many to choose from.  The first three are my non-fiction go-tos!

1.  Are You a Spider is part of the Backyard Books Series by Tudor Humphries. 
The book is told like a narrative, from the view of a spider and goes through the life cycle, what it eats and how, predators, etc.   Very clever writing style for a piece of non-fiction.

2.  Salamandar Rain by Kristin Joy Pratt-Serafini
A beautifully done book about life in lakes and ponds.  The fabulous part of this book is it includes so many different features of non-fiction text.  I often wish I had a class set of this book.

3.  Growing Frogs by Vivian French
Both narrative and fun facts.

4.  Lady Liberty by Doreen Rappaport
See the name Rappaport and you know it is going to be brilliant.  The pages switch back and forth between countries and the people most influential for The Statue of Liberty's existence.

5.  Teammates by Peter Golenbock
Dodger fans love this book.  My baseball fans love this book.  My sports fans love this book.  And I love this book for the above reasons and also for a great way to talk about community and treating each other kindly and fairly no matter what.

6.  Animal Dads by Sneed B. Collard (illustrated by Steve Jenkins)
Has a sentence that become the main idea as well as a list style organization for writing.  Then a blurb about what that looks like in animal families.

7.  An Egg is Quiet by Dianna Huts Aston and Sylvia Long
LOVE this series of books.  The title and back pages are brilliant.  A fact filled whimsical book!

8.  Sea Elf by Joanne Ryder
Questionable about how non-fiction this book is.  The text is more poetic, but teaches a lot of facts of about sea otters.

9.  Surprising Sharks by Nicola Davies
Cartoon like graphics.  Giant diagrams.  Fun facts.  LOVE this book too!

10.  Atlantic by G. Karas
Also a questionable non-fiction read.  Poetic but informational and beautiful illustrations.

Looking back they are all go to's.  Each one is beautiful and shows different non-fiction text features as well and informing us readers!

Happy Tuesday,

PS-Anyone watching Castle?  Last night had me so stressed out and I have to wait a whole week for a conclusion!


  1. Love, love LOVE An Egg is Quiet! Surprising Sharks is a favorite of my owlets, too!

  2. I love an Egg is Quiet and the Backyard Books. I'm going to check out the other titles. Thanks for sharing! I am not well versed in non-fiction, but I want to be.

    First in Maine