Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Who Stole my 2nd and 3rd Graders....and Some Reading With Meaning

Where to has to be a full moon, because the ridiculousness that went on today can only be explained by that.  Today we went to OMSI (our local science museum).  We got on the bus...we arrived....we experienced a really cool presentation about weather....we got on the bus.  I can call the day a success, right.  Oh no...all kinds of crazy!

Crazy #1
We get back to school and a parent, who chaperoned, has something she really needs to tell me.  As I attempt to herd my 36 chickadees back to our room, I am thinking this is not a good time and she should just send a note.  I figure whatever she has to say has something to do with her, "do-no-wrong" child.  Oh boy was I off.....She informed me that two students sitting near her on the bus put a coat over their laps and were doing something inappropriate with their hands....that were under the coat!  I remember people doing stuff like this on band trips....when I was in HIGH SCHOOL.  My class is 2nd and 3rd grade. 

A couple weeks ago, my counselor informed that another girl in my class is upset because "__________ (insert name of boy in above mentioned offense here) dumped her for __________ (insert name of girl in above mentioned offense here).  And that is not even an upgrade from how coll she is."  Her words, not mine!  All three of them have, "I love _________." covering their writing folders.  How did I end up in high school drama?!?! 

Crazy #2
Next...I go to recess to get my class and another student has received a minor alert for kicking someone and telling them they smelled like butt!  (Part of me finds this hilarious...btw)  So add that to the list. 

Crazy #3
My  new student (who I think has quite a few issues, but is too new for me to have it all figured out) spent her day coloring hearts all over her jeans with a sharpie.  I mean ALL over from bottom to top...if she had more time, I think the back would have been completed as well.

So more minor alerts to fill out and send home.  I few of you asked about these, after the Cuss Club Debaucle post.  I don't have a computer edition.  Our district prints them on carbon copy, so we can keep one with teacher, turn one into the office, and send one home.  I did try and take a picture as a springboard for creating something similar for your use:-)

Happy Hour is calling my name!  But as I reflect on the day I can say: 
-I did not loose anyone.
-My students (the other 32 not involved above) were really on task and listening and following directions.
-We learned a lot of cool weather facts during the presentation
-I still do really love my class:-)
-Two more days til a week of Thanksgiving break!

Oh and since you have made it to the end of this venting post....did you know that Debbie Miller has got a 2nd edition of Reading With Meaning coming soon.  Reading with Meaning and The Book Whisperer are two of my favorite reading resources!  Until they get rid of the online book, if you click on the book, you can read the new edition online.

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Oh goodness gracious! What a day! I think it's in the water (or the lunchroom turkey). Q 1 - why didn't that mom "chaperon" stop those kids? Q 2 - what does the office do with these papers? Are they in replacement of office referrals?

    I got a new kiddo...he's a bit of a challenge.


    1. 1-Chaperones are always sometimes a mystery.
      2-We use PBIS at our school. Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. So the minor alerts go to the office and one of our assistants enters the information. Helps target students who need extra help. Locations with a lot of problems.

      Good luck with the new kiddo!

  2. Every time I read one of your posts I am in awe that you have 36 students. A split with 36 kids! (On my knees, bowing down to you.) Seriously, I am inspired.
    I am in agreement with the previous comment. A chaperone is there is help reinforce school expectations, not just walk around with their kid and their kid's friends.
    Each day presents its own joys and moments for growth. Enjoy the good things!

    (PS. I agree about the full moon, it MUST becoming or the kids are just crazy!)

    1. Well thankfully the 3rd graders were part of my class last year, so I feel like I know them a bit:-) Thanks for commenting.

  3. Wha what?!? 36 students?!? You are working hard, girl!! No wonder you're needing Thanksgiving break! Unbelievable - hats off to you! Crazy day for sure, though! Man! Two more days!!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  4. You do need a happy hour...s! Wow! My children have been a little wacky this week, too! I finally read the Book Whisperer....LOVE!!
    Owl Things First!

  5. Yikes! Those are quite the stories. You definitely deserve Thanksgiving break. (Love those books too!)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  6. Wow! I can't imagine 36 kids! In Florida, we have a state law that caps K-2 at 18! What a day is all I can say. I can't imagine:(

    I just started reading Reading with Meaning again. I read it about 3 years back, but it has so many great strategies...

    I just found your blog today and am your newest follower:)
    The Resourceful Apple