Monday, November 5, 2012

Voter Registration

To celebrate and learn about the national elections, we are voting for a book character to become "B-Hall President."  Each classroom has chosen a character to promote during our election week.  Our candidate happens to be Big Nate.  Another class chose Poppy and I think BFG is running as well.

Today, we got our voter registration applications.  In order to vote on Friday, you must become a registered voter.
some of the bubbles are missing...not sure what happened.
The party part was a bit difficult to fully understand and some of my kids are not really excited about Big Nate.  But I think by the end of the week, they may have a better picture of how the "parties" work and that you don't have to vote for the candidate your party chose.

We talked about voting booths so we can vote on Friday.  This was very confusing for my class.  In Oregon, you don't go somewhere to vote.  We mail or drop off our ballots at drop boxes.   So I got to tell them about how when I was little, my school had voting booths where filled adults would come  and vote.  I was always fascinated by them, but never got to experience it myself.

After we had finished talking about the registration, one of my students raised her hand and asked what koalas were for.  I was stumped and could not figure out how the circled to that topic...and then realized she heard "koalas" when I said qualifications. :-)

Happy Monday,


  1. This is brilliant! I think we'll do lots of voting tomorrow! What to have for snack...Which book(s) to read for the read aloud(s)...Thanks for the inspiration!!

  2. I love that idea. Especially that your whole school got involved.
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