Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for Books

The teachers in my life who taught me to read I am forever grateful.  I am thankful for books....and like Teach Mentor Texts, I have complied a list of the books I am most thankful for.  These are books, I remember as an independent reader.  Many picture books and non-fiction books shaped me as a reader.  In no particular order, her they are:
Adventures of Tom Sawyer-Read in 7th grade and I remember feeling so smart for reading it:-)  And my lit. teacher let us read anything we want, and we wrote back and forth in reading journals.  I can still remember some of the things she wrote.
Persuasion-My first Jane Austin read.
The Peach Keeper-After finishing this book, I called my aunt to tell her she had to read it.  Turns out she had just finished reading it also!  Sarah Addison Allen is one of my favorite authors!
Switcharound-Once my brother went to the library and checked Switcharound out for me.  He said it was because there was a brother and sister and baseball on the cover.  Anyway it got me onto the world of Anastasia Krupnik:-)
Ender's Game-My first introduction to Science Fiction.  The movie version should be interesting.
Charlotte's Web-Can. Not. Read without crying.  How does one put into words how amazing this book is? it is memorable.
The Spellman Files-My aunt got me hooked on this series as well.  I cannot read the book version, but the audio books are awesome and this series is a riot!  (Although, after recently finishing the most current book, I am VERY VERY upset with Lisa Lutz!)
Goose Girl-Shannon Hale is such a story teller!  Loved this book and the rest of the of the books I recommend most.
Redeeming Love-A retelling of the book of Hosea, set during Gold Rush-ish era.  Also makes me cry every time I read it.
Though None Go With Me-Don't know what I love about this book, but it is one of the few I re-read regularly. 
The Christy Miller Series-Favorite series during middle school/high school.  Me and three other friends would all read and discuss!  Some of the quotes/quirks from this book still crack us up.
All-of-a-Kind Family and the Betsy Tacy books-My mom read them as a girl, so I wanted to as well.
Jacob Have I Loved-No idea why I loved this book growing up, but I did...and still do.

I am sure as soon as I post this, I am going to think of more books I should have included.......
Happy Thanksgiving,


  1. Your students are very blessed to have a teacher who is so passionate about books. (Maybe this is a silly question, but why can't you read the book version of The Spellman Files?) :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. What an interesting makes me think about all the books I haven't thought about for years! :) I used to be such an avid reader as a kid-really have to carve out more time for that now.


  3. LOVED this post! Thank you! :) And, happy to be putting your winning copy of Ralph Tells A Story in the mail today! :)
    Growing Firsties