Friday, August 30, 2013

Meet the Teacher Night

Today is a furlough day for my district.  I will be going in to work for free today...and probably again this weekend before our first day anyway....Last night was Open House/Meet the Teacher Night.  Here is why I LOVE LOVE doing Open House, BEFORE school starts. 
1)  I don't know the kids, so I unable to answer the, "How is ________ doing so far?"  Why do parents ask that during open house.  Answering is so uncomfortable with all the other families around the room.
2)  I have a face for every student so I can greet them by name on the first day.
3)  All their supplies are already sorted and put away, so they don't have to be dealt with on the first day.
4)  They share their transportation plans for the first need to guess or hope they know where they are going
5)  I had them label their folders with their more upside down, backwards folders.
6)  Lunch magnets are done!  They can walk in and make their lunch choice.

Room looks ready.  I need to go to Ikea and get the polka dotted rug, that everyone has, to cover up that cord.
 Tubs for big supplies....kleenex, clorox wipes...etc.
 Scholastic News Money collection.
 Supply bins to sort supplies.
The sign says, "Grand Opening Tuesday"  I didn't want people messing with the highly organized library:-)
School info packets.  I also put their first book order and all our classroom information inside as well.
How to label folder.  On each seat, I paperclipped their name labels and all the labels they would need for their things.
Short and off to work,
Room reveal coming soon...
Happy Friday,


  1. I love that night for all the same reasons. It really makes for a much more pleasant first day of school. Good luck with yours!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. Wish I had had mine after yours...So many good ideas! I love Open House, too. It is so beneficial to see how children and parents interact with each other. Have a great first day and grand opening of the library!!

  3. Such a good idea with your library! I hope you have a wonderful first day with your kiddos!


  4. I've been reading about lots of Open Houses. We don't do that in BC. We have a Meet the Teacher night, which I guess is very similar but we don't have to put anything together for anyone. Thank goodness!
    You look prepared and ready to go:)) Have fun!