Monday, May 6, 2013


Another month flown right by!  Go check out what everyone is up this month over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade.   The party is the place to be!

Listening:  Best flutist ever!  Wish I could be just like him!
Loving:  We had been doing Social Studies/Science/Art at the end of the day and writing just before lunch.    So I switched the two subjects and it has been SO much more calm.

Thinking:  24.DAYS.  Yes I am counting!  But the to do list is atrocious!

Wanting:  Portland used to have an AAA team, then soccer, and the team who shall not be named,  kicked them out.  So my dad and I have to drive to Seattle or Tacoma to see baseball.  It is about a 3 hour drive each way.  Only been gone for like three years...I am not bitter or anything:-)
9 inning funeral....home plate dug up.
Needing:  Reese gets to move to my house in just about a month!  Lots to do to get ready....
otherwise she will be slipping under the fence to find other friends to play with.
Summer Bucket List:
Going to New York!  Really need to start planning that many things to do...find a place to stay....figure out the Subway....
Ummm read of addiction that is good for you!
Remember Farley's rule of three!
Also, if you don't have blog plans....I am having a linky party celebrating teachers.
Happy Monday,


  1. Eek! I know, how are we this close to the end of the year already?! So many thing left to do!! :) Good luck with them all!

    Brie - Breezy Special Ed

  2. Sometimes just a little tweak in the schedule can make a world of difference! New York? Can I join you?? :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. I LOVE James Galway also!! I've had the pleasure of seeing him give a Master Class at Yale University; and meet him. He is a very down to Earth man, who loves meeting amateur musicians. Have fun in NY!!

  4. Hi, Love your "current" poster. I live in San Diego, CA a state with two MLB teams, too bad the Padres, our home team, isn't that good.
    Looking forward to reading your blog posts!

  5. Hello -

    I asked for a list of favorite blogs from Misty and Lorrea. Yours was on the list. So I decided to stop in and take a peak. Your site is colorful and easy to read. I love how passionate you are about teaching so I am awarding you the Tippy Top Blog Award. You can view it here: