Friday, November 9, 2012

Voting Day is Here

Today was election day in B-Hall (this is the all of 1st-3rd grades)  Each party has nominated a candidate for President.  We completed and turned in our voter registration papers, and tomorrow is the big day!  We have made campaign posters and gone (classroom) door to door, spreading the word about who we think everyone should vote for.

The halls have campaign ads everywhere.

Our ballots for B-Hall President
This morning we started voting.  We went to the voting booth (although in Oregon we really mail in or drop off completed ballots).  We filled out our ballot and put it in the box. 
Waiting our turn to vote.
Build-a-Bear box turned ballot collect
Voting polls closed at 1:30.  I had a parent count up all the votes and our Secretary announced the winner over the intercom.  In case you all wanted to know, Bad Kitty is now president of B-Hall.

Happy Friday!


  1. Bad Kitty! Kids are so funny. Well, we did similar election and Skippyjon Jones won! :) I'm thinking kids respond more to the popular vote.