Thursday, August 23, 2012

Teacher Week-Where Am I Therapeutic?

Teacher Blogger Week--Day 3
Showing pictures of my room, right now, would be embarrassing.   10 more days until students arrive.  Pictures to come later.  
Anyway, geographically, I teach in a suburb, outside of Portland, Oregon.  There are just over 500 K-5th grade students at our school.  Each grade usually has three teachers with class sizes between 27-34.  This year we blended 2/3 grades and there are five 2/3 classes....with 31-34 kiddos!
My school is part of the Right Brain Initiative, so we have multiple artists come work with us every year.

Here is the playground.  Under the bark is cushy, and that is pretty fun!  A track goes around it as well.

This will be my 10th year teaching here!  Crazy how time flies.  My first group of firsties has made it to 10th grade.

Teacher Blogger Week--Day 4

Reading is my favorite stress reliever...within minutes you are somewhere far less stressful than one of "those" days at school.  

I also love tv sitcoms for stress relief. 

Happy Thursday,



  1. Have I ever told you my nephew lives in Portland? I'm not sure what he's doing there, but his girlfriend own a store called Bikeasaurus...Ever heard of it?
    Your school sounds amazing. I tend to be right brained, so I would love to be in your class!
    Owl Things First

    1. How fun! I have never heard of Bikeasauraus but biking is extremely "in" here. Although it kind of drives everyone nuts:-) I think I am pretty balanced brain, just a slight tip to the right....too much of a rule follower to be really right brained.