Saturday, August 4, 2012

Teacher Binder

Scrap booking is one of my favorite activities.  I don't have a lot of things that I take pictures of, so I apply scrap booking funness to other my teacher binder.  I made the cover and back last year...I didn't do anything to them except put them in a new binder.  
I did make new dividers.  The same sections pop up each year, but I usually don't label the dividers.  This time I made labeled sections.  I used Tagxedo (because I may have an addiction to making things with this site.)  For each section of the binder, I made a "chickadee" shaped word cloud.  There are nine sections.  
Lesson Plans-I keep pages for about a month at a time.  At the end of the month, I file the lesson plans into the filing cabinet. At the back of this section I have a page protector with the masters of blank lesson plans for easy copying.
Calendar and Year Long Plan-School calendar and Year Long Plans.  Also pacing guides and weekly schedule.
2nd and 3rd Grade Common Core-Teaching a blend, so need to know what both grades goals are.  I also keep testing info and the like in the 3rd grade section.
Student Checklists-Homework Checklist, In-Class Work Checklist, Math Checklist...At the back of this section I have a page protector with the masters of blank checklists for easy copying.
Student Info.-Addresses, phone number, email, birthday for students.
Sunnyside Info.-This is where I keep information specific to my school.  Assembly schedules, character ed. schedule, PBIS schedule, staff contacts, etc.
Meeting Notes-For things I need to remember from Staff or Grade Level meetings.
Ideas-Plans and to dos for later.
*I do not use this binder for assessment data.  That needs its own binder and well I just don't see a whole lot of purpose in cutetifying that one:-)
The binder goes to and from school almost everyday, although I don't generally use it during the school day.  During the school day, I keep the things I need on my clipboard.  It goes everywhere, takes up less space, and for some reason I can keep track of it:-)  My clipboard has the things I use on a daily basis with my chickadees.
-Current week's lesson plans (at the end of the week I return them to binder)
-Class List
-Student schedules:  For students who may go to speech, ELD, Resource Room, etc.
-Daily 5 checklist
-Reading Group List
-Math Attendance (because we switch kiddos around for math, I need to make sure I have everyone)
And on a completely random and unrelated note.....
Scentsy....and a Dodger towel of course.
Dodger tagxedo!
I finished working on downstairs bathroom.  It needed a new coat of paint....and some art.  (I told you I am a bit addicted to Tagxedo.) Here a few pics.  (I don't have before pics...just imagine the walls bare and painted a non-descript white/beige color.)  The walls are now grey...and the Dodgers have taken over!  I wanted to paint pinstripes....but couldn't talk myself into that adventure.

My cousin made the adorable LA t-shirt.
Found this treasure at Goodwill.
Happy Saturday,


  1. I love your binder, especially the Tagxedo. I've never used Tagxedo, but I love the look. Thanks for sharing.

    Learning With Susie Q

  2. Your Tagxedo creations are awesome. I'm going to have to check it out!!
    Owl Things First

  3. Your binder looks great and I love that Dodgers heart. I've never heard of Tagxedo. I'm going to check it out!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  4. Everything turned out great. Love the little Tagxedos in the middle of the pages :)

    Fun in Room 4B

  5. Oh my goodness! How cute is your binder?!? I love it! You fully scrapbooked and incorporated technology. I'm in awe. Very cool! I just used the scrapbooking paper. Hehe!

    The Teaching Thief