Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Seeds for the Birds

I love homework that allows parents and students to work together as a family.  We are blessed with a wall of windows in our class and since we are studying birds, we want to have some to observe...so we challenged students to make something that would attract a bird (bird bath, bird food, shelter, etc) using recycled materials.  We did some research online for different ideas and today was the day to bring in the product.  Oh my the birds are going to have option paralysis with all the choices hanging in the trees!
Tree 1
Tree 2
In total, there are about 24 bird contraptions sharing two trees:-)
Luckeyfrog's Lilypad is having an entertaining linky party about inventions.  What invention would you create to make your teaching life easier.  I really want a "checker-offer" I hate going through piles and checking off completed work.  Someone has a brilliant system for this I am sure, but it makes me crazy....and then kids repeatedly asking if they are all done with their work.....help.....

Happy Tuesday,


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