Sunday, October 16, 2011

Classroom Tour

For those who don't get to come to school everyday, here is our home away from home.

This is the poster on our door.  It is surrounded by a picture of all the people in our class.
 Next is our info. board.  It has a copy of the most recent Friday Foote Facts (our newsletter) and the lunch menu.  We students arrive they put their magnet on their plan for lunch that day.
Curtain wall-behind the curtains are all sorts of good things.  Teacher guides, student books for Treasures, math, and health.  The most important thing the curtains hide are the backpack buckets.  Students keep their coats and backpacks in big black tubs and they are hidden behind the curtains.  
 Continuing around the room we have our behavior clip chart and our supply baskets.  The mini-fridge and coffee pot (for Friday hot chocolates) are behind the curtains.
 Turn the corner and you find the sink and our Rocket Glyphs.  The crates have library books about our current theme and white boards.
 The purple and green cabinets store read-alouds, mentor texts, and professional reading books.  They also hold our Friday Fun choices, Legos, games, stencils, etc. 
 Next we arrive at the left side of the carpet area.  This is where we do calendar, go over our daily agenda and targets. 
 And our Birthday Bags.
 The right side of our carpet area.  The document camera is here as well as our special classroom friends. We LOVE the risers!  It allows the carpet area to take up so much less space and leaves more room for the best part of the tour.....
 The LIBRARY!  We have a tent, lamps, and lots of books.
 Notice our Reading Monsters, just waiting for someone to choose a good book, read it, and feed them!
 This is the nonfiction side of the library.  Some of our reading anchor charts.  You can also see the snack bins and our cubbies.
 Math choice tubs.  This is a work in progress area.
 Our small group space and where I usually keep my stuff.
The blue drawers and table next to it is considered my "desk."
Our drawers for unfinished work, handwriting journals, and dictionaries.  This is also where we keep our mugs for hot chocolate Fridays.
 And now we have made a full circle.  This is the view from the door.  Love the wall of windows!
Glad you could visit,


  1. Yay! So cute.Thanks for sharing.How did you score the risers.

  2. One day, during choir, a girl locked her knees and fell off the back of a sit of risers. Apparently that meant we had to get risers that had a back guard, and I volunteered to recycle the old ones:-)

    On another note, I love your ideas. Have been pinning a bunch of them to save for later.

  3. Oh wow! Risers! Awesome idea. :D Love the adorable birthday bags. What a cute room. Thanks for linking up.
    Dragonflies in First

  4. Laurie,

    Thanks for your pics, I LOVE how organized your room looks. Mine...right now? NOT SO MUCH!! Anyways, just posted pics over on my blog of fewer seats than kiddos..I'd love for you to check it out!!
    2nd Grade Paradise