Saturday, October 1, 2011

Christmas in the Mailbox

Do you ever think about books you read as a child, but don't have any more?  One  of my favorite books (that no one has ever heard of) as a kid was called A Cat and Mouse Love Story.  It even impacted recess. We had a giant jungle gym and we would play Cat & Mouse.  Somehow I lost my copy of the book and it is no longer in print.  Fortunately, Amazon is not deterred by out of print books and I found a used copy a while ago, and then forgot that I bought it.  So today a strange air mail envelope came and I opened it up to find that oh so memorable book.  Stopping in the midst of my Saturday baking frenzy, I started reading and immediately remembered how much I loved the rhyming tale of Leola the cat and Jasper the mouse!
I can not wait to share it with my kiddos!  I think we will read The Island of the Skog (another book I loved as a kid) and do a Text to Text mini-lesson this week.


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